Safe e-commerce - What does certification mean?

Safe e-commerce is a certification for e-commerce companies. E-commerce company is a company that sells goods and services through a shop on the Internet (Distance trading). E-commerce is based on exactly the same principle as traditional mail order, the difference being that the goods are presented on a website and that the purchase agreement is entered directly on the website.

Today there are thousands of players selling goods & services on the Internet in Sweden and most are serious. However, in order to protect your personal data and other sensitive information, it is important that you know who you are submitting the information to. You may also want to feel confident that the company will deliver goods within the agreed time and that you will be able to get help after the purchase if something should be wrong.


Certification Trygg e-handel's purpose is to help you as a consumer choose the right e-commerce company when you shop so that you can feel safe and secure even after you print on "buy". Trygg e-commerce's goal is that it should feel as safe and secure to shop on the Internet as in a normal physical store.

When you shop from a company that has the certification of Safe e-commerce, this means that the company through a contract is committed to following a number of requirements. Only stable and serious e-commerce companies have the right to carry the certification "Safe e-commerce".

Safe e-commerce requirements are designed for you as a consumer to know and take advantage of your rights when shopping via the internet. Among other things, demands are made that the company must be clear with its identity, have secure routines for handling personal data, use secure payment solutions and have a stable economy.


Svensk Distanshandel checks that the requirements are followed by the certified companies through credit checks, test purchases and investigations in case of suspicion of deficiencies. In order to give you extra security, Safe e-commerce receives complaints from you as a consumer.

If you complain about a company that has the certification Trygg e-handel and it turns out that the company acted incorrectly / in violation of the requirements set, the company gets a "dot" in our register. In case of serious deficiencies, the certification can be revoked with immediate effect. All in all, as a consumer you can feel confident that only serious companies carry the Safe e-commerce symbol.

Safe e-commerce symbol

To check that the symbol is genuine, click / hold the mouse pointer over the Safe e-commerce symbol. See examples here . Each affiliated company has a unique certificate on the domain

Where can I find Safe e-commerce certified companies?

You can find all certified companies here . The company is divided into categories by assortment so that you can more easily find companies that sell the goods & services you are interested in!