Health a la Mode

Health a la Mode concept has found inspiration from healthy ways of living, eating, exercising as well as from respecting and giving back to our planet who makes us welcome every day.

We have created Fashion Apparel products that are based on a sustainability model. You can wear them longer, they resist better and look beautiful and colorful.

In addition we take you on a tour to places you may have never been before. We introduce products coming from very small farms or producers. All made in the perfect harmony with the nature. These people live from the love for what they make but do not necessarily have a commercial possibility to share their products with the rest of us. You can taste and smell the world and a little piece of the best it has to offer.

Finally, we prepared a sustainable proposal for businesses who want to contribute to a greener planet. We have been working with small and medium companies to develop bio degradable and  compostable packaging. Everyone would like to be able to throw a plastic bottle (pharma, cosmetic) to the compostable bin and know that in 6 month time there would not be anything left. This segment of our work is based on a high component of innovative concepts that we developed together with manufacturers and researches.

Let’s make health, well being and harmony with our Earth fashionable and we can be sure, we will always be A la Mode.